Highlander with broadsword and targe

Don’t Call It A Skirt!

For all intents and purposes it is a skirt. Just don’t call it one.

The garment we call a kilt originated in the highlands of Scotland, but similar garments have been worn throughout history in much of the world. Although unbifurcated garments have been supplanted by trousers, a kilt has distinct advantages – comfort and durability being the foremost ones. If either of these are important considerations for you, then I heartily recommend looking at a kilt .

Where to get a kilt.

If you are fortunate enough to have a kilt maker in your area that is a great option and the best way to get one that fits properly. If not, there are many kilt vendors on-line. The following are companies with whom I have experience and recommend.

Everyday utility kilts featuring pockets. Most are cotton or cotton blend and machine washable. This is what I wear on a daily basis. I have not found another utility kilt that is the equal of theirs.

Tartan kilts in the Scottish style made in the USA. They also have a wide assortment of accessories.

Tartan kilts and other clothing made in Scotland. They import all manner of Scottish items including food.